Food Intolerance</a>

Imupro 300

The most complete test currently available in Canada, with screening for intolerance to over 270 foods.

Food Intolerance

Imupro 300

ImuPro 300 tests analyze more than 270 foods and additives (including 180 foods tested by ImuPro 100 and ImuPro 200). In addition to various types of meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products characteristic of our diet, ImuPro 300 also tests products derived from these foods, their substitutes and even some typically regional foodstuffs. It tests a wide range of spices, upscale products such as tea, coffee and wine, as well as some thickeners and preservatives.

The detailed results provided with this test enable you to modify your diet in a very specific way. In fact, you will receive the ImuPro 300 test results with a personalized binder that includes the following documents:

1. A booklet of personalized results.
2. A detailed patient manual including not only general information but also a food encyclopedia.
3. A personalized recipe book including a large number of meals, all equally delicious, that you can prepare at home.


About 12 to 15 days following the analysis, you will receive a full report from the Scientific Laboratory for Food Intoleranceā„¢ as well as a booklet containing your personalized recipes and the immuno-nutrition method. Your healthcare provider will also receive a copy of the results, if necessary.

List of food tested

Click here to have the complete list of food tested by Imupro 300