Imupro 300 Food Intolerance test Imupro 300 The most complete food intolerance test currently available in Canada, with screening for intolerance to over 270 foods.
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Food Intolerance
Imupro 200 Food Intolerance test Imupro 200 Although an intermediary ImuPro test, this multitest, which analyzes 180 foods, is more complete than most other testing offered in Canada.
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Food Intolerance
 Imupro 100 Food Intolerance test ADHD Imupro 100 - ADHD Ninety of our most common foods are tested and specially selected for patients suffering from ADHD.
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Food Intolerance

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ImuPro: Screening Multitest for Food Intolerances

Description of food intolerance testing procedure

Your blood constitutes the starting point.

  1. To perform the ImuPro multitest, you just need a blood sample.

    Step 1.

    Get a prescription from your doctor for a type III allergy blood test.

  2. Step 2.

    Order the multitest from the Scientific Laboratory for Food Intolerance, either directly online at this site or by calling 514-336-2777 or 1-877-585-3116 (toll-free).

  3. Step 3.

    Have your blood test done and send it free of charge to the Laboratory.
    The test establishes your immunological profile. The laboratory conducts tests under the highest and most scientifically rigorous standards.

  4. Step 4.

    Within about 12 days, you will receive a list of your intolerances, accompanied by advice on applying the ImuPro method.

ImuPro food intolerance test

ImuPro offers a large range of various food intolerance tests, allowing you to choose the one best suited to your situation. You can either select the ImuPro 300 test immediately, which is the most complete, or proceed in stages, by first choosing ImuPro 100, then, if necessary, moving on to ImuPro 200 or ImuPro 200 first based on your preference.

N/B: If you chose to do it in stages please take note that in order to insure proper results they should all be done within the first three (3) months following the initial test

ImuPro 100 – ADHD

ImuPro 100 tests 90 of the most common foods in our diet. Also called ADHD, it is the first screening for people suffering from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

ImuPro 200

The ImuPro 200 test analyzes 180 various foods. The distinctive feature of this test, besides the common foods of our diet, is that it targets a large number of products without gluten as well as dairy products and their substitutes or their egg-based products.

ImuPro 300

With more than 270 foods and additives tested, ImuPro 300 is the most complete multitest offered in Canada. In addition to various types of meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products characteristic of our diet, the ImuPro300 test also tests products derived from these foods, their substitutes as well as some thickeners and preservatives.